Household Passes

Maths Inspiration has a maths-packed line-up of online shows for Autumn 2020.

And while Maths Inspiration Online shows are intended for schools to use with whole classes of students, we appreciate that many home-schooled students, or students at schools who are not taking part in the events, may wish to join in the shows from home. The Household Passes allow anyone to watch and interact with the shows.

But please bear in mind these restrictions:

- Only three devices can be logged into the interactive site during the shows.
- No access to the teacher admin site and control panel.
- No post-show report will be available.
- We cannot offer refunds on household passes except for in the case of show cancellation.
- No tech support available.

If you require any of the above then a School Pass may be for you!

After you have purchased a Household Pass you will receive an email with the details of the show video URL, the interactive site URL and your access code. Do not lose them as we may not be able to re-issue access codes.

The Household Season Pass includes access to all six online shows in the Maths Inspiration 2020 Autumn season.

Purchase Household Season Pass for $29.99 USD  

Purchase Household Season Pass for £22.99 GBP  

If the season pass is too much commitment, then you can buy a single access pass to the USA show on the 24 November 2020 which includes free access to the Christmas Special on 4 December 2020.

Purchase USA Show Pass for $19.99 USD  

Purchase USA Show Pass for £14.99 GBP  

Read more about the shows!

Taking A Chance - 12th November 2020
Jen Rogers, Ben Sparks, Yolanda Ohene, Zoe Griffiths and David Stevens

Mechanics and Modelling - 17th November 2020
Matt Parker, Aoife Hunt, Tom Crawford, Hugh Hunt and Nira Chamberlain

The USA Show - 24th November 2020
Matt Parker, Grant Sanderson, Eugénie von Tunzelmann and Simon Singh

Christmas Special - 4th December 2020
Matt Parker and all of his friends. Well, not all. But a lot of them for sure.